Standard fittings our plus factor

Thanks to its portfolio of standard hydraulic fittings sub assemblies, RH regularly undertakes « emergency operations » for customers in record time.

The description « standard hydraulic fitting » does not necessarily mean that all the products in the « catalog » are available! Consequently, a lot of standard references, little used by mobile machinery manufacturers, are not in stock.

Prior standardization by RH, thanks to a very short production cycle, makes it possible to fill the gap very quickly. The unavailable  » infrequently used standard » can be found as a sub-assembly at RH and can therefore be delivered very quickly.

Very frequent example: 100, 200, 300 hydraulic fittings manufactured and delivered in 4 days to bridge a break in supply and avoid a production shutdown.

custom-made JIC fittings manufacturer

From a technical point of view, RH hydraulic fittings & products facilitate torque tightening in many cases. Thanks to the square shaped body, holding during fitting is optimal.

For all movable functions, fitted with nuts, RH offers an original technical advantage.

No washer in the nut = better reaction to tightening torque vibrations.

Fitting with washer nut

standard din fittings

RH fitting

optimized DIN fitting design