The customized standard

By working in this way, RH has created the « customized standard » for hydraulic fittings. Faced with a specific connection problem, RH gives priority to a solution created from standard sub-assemblies for your hydraulic fitting. The specific problem thus becomes a simple standard, that we name the  » Customized Standard ».

The RH concept of prior standardization makes it possible to use the same sub-assemblies for several references and thereby help to make deliveries  more reliable.

We are proud of guaranteeing a 98% service rate thanks to a very short upstream supply chain.

Nowadays mobile machinery manufacturers must  upgrade their products more and more quickly.

With hydraulic fittings Customized Standards, the problem of stocking specific products is at an end!

The configuration of a Customized Standard can change from one production batch to another by simply changing the production series.

No problem of in-hand specific parts stock should a reference reach the end of its life-cycle.