The erasch concept

The « Tool-Box » concept

erasch has developed a very innovative concept. The idea, starting with putting standard sub-assemblies together, is to create a fitting which perfectly responds to the problem set.

RH has a portfolio of standard sub-assemblies which can be used in numerous configurations. Due to this approach, erasch is able to “customize the standard”. Faced with a specific connection problem, erasch gives priority to a solution created from standard sub-assemblies. Thanks to this concept, erasch is in a strong position to simplify the hydraulic connection of its customers’s mobile machinery : multiple diameter functions, mix of standards, elimination of stacking …


  • Configuration of specific connections with the help of standard sub-assemblies.

Control circuits can easily be created by introducing specific outlets (in general, small gauge) on the primary circuit connectors (in general,large gauge). This type of function called “multiple diameter” is a real source of savings in hydraulic connections. The erasch process offers this type of configuration not only in 2 dimensions but also in 3 dimensions.

  • An extraordinary flexibility in manufacturing fittings.

For all of these ” customized standards “, the sub-assemblies are held in stock. The average lead-time is 2 weeks and can be shortened in emergencies.

Everyone of the standard sub-assemblies is used for several products and several customers. In this way it is possible to meet a specific demand at unbeatable prices. This concept relies on extremely flexible production tools which means serial production can be launched for upward of 50 parts.

  • Moreover the erasch concept  is extremely adaptable to the evolution of technical solutions.

Thanks to its concept, erasch can change product configuration from one delivery rate to another. No need for the customer to commit themselves to large volumes for all their “customized standard” configurations.

The erasch standardization concept  means sub-assemblies can be massed between several fitting references.