Fewer fittings = reduced costs

The aim of the RH concept  is to simplify hydraulic connections on mobile machinery. Significant cost reduction can be achieved by reducing the number of hydraulic fittings and implementation time and ensuring reliability of the hydraulic connection.


  • Fewer fittings = shorter lists

Fewer references to manage, less chance of being out of stock.

  • Fewer fittings = reduced assembly time.

In the example below, instead of 6 torque tightened assemblies in the “stacking” solution there are only 3 assemblies in the RH solution. This simplification generates a saving in manpower of €4.25.

  • Fewer fittings = less risk of leakage.

Fittings are often difficult to get at when the machinery is working.  Re-tightening a fitting can be very expensive when a leakage is spotted.


hydraulic fittings stacking reduction

RH fitting

hydraulic connector solution, complex fittings